Saturday, December 9, 2017

Friday, December 8, 2017

6 Tips To Survive The Office Christmas Party

The office Christmas party is a great chance to unwind, get to know your colleagues better and enjoy a few drinks.

Of course, every office will have its own folklore: hookups, cringeworthy dance moves and dramatic confrontations.

1. Pace yourself

2. Work BFF

3. Food glorious food

4. Mingle

5. Social media lockdown

6. Stay safe

Thursday, December 7, 2017

15 survival tips for the office holiday party

Holiday parties: They could turn out to be a fun night spent celebrating the season with your coworkers. Or they could mutate into a night of drunken disaster.

1. Ask about the dress code ahead of time

2. Don't go on an empty stomach

3. Don't even think about skipping the party

4. But also don't show up on time

5. Use the party as an opportunity to meet people you don't already know

6. But don't explicitly conduct business

7. Be sensitive to different religious affiliations

8. Know your drinking limit

9. Don't dance romantically with another employee

10. Loosen up a bit

11. Don't be the last one to leave the party

12. Don't go to the third venue

13. Make sure you say goodbye to people

14. Be mindful of social media

15. Make it to work the next day

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

How to Behave at the Office Christmas Party

Making a fool of yourself at the office Christmas party is something to be avoided at all costs. After all, you'll be obliged to front up to those very same co-workers the following week and if they have a remarkably lowered opinion of you since the party, it'll feel more than awkward...

1.Prepare yourself mentally and show up.

2.Arrange for a friend to call you at a set time.

3.Decide what to wear.

4.Arrive on time.


6.Drink responsibly.

7.Be tactful and careful about declaring your undying romantic intentions.

8.Help others.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

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Top Ten Tips for Office Christmas Party Etiquette

The holidays are a time for celebrating. This means holiday parties. Holiday parties are a time to relax and let your guard down, right? Not always. Holiday celebrations involving your place of employment can be enjoyable, but your behavior will be noticed and noted.

1. Arrive on time.

2. Take a hostess gift.

3. Dress according to code.

4. Don’t consume too much alcohol.

5. Network with your colleagues.

6. Show respect to all.

7. Be politically correct.

8. Dress conservatively.

9. Use your manners.

10. Act like a host and not a guest.